Commission artwork of "Cyclops" from MARVEL Comics.

Artist: ArtOfIdan


What is your artist background?

My artistic background includes 4 years of academic architecture study in TelAviv Israel and 3 more years of studying art the Kubert School in NJ

What are you known for?

It might be a question to refer to my followers but it think the very saturated/vibrant colors on my art is most eye catching.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid, it’s okay to express yourself and to be a little proud of it sometimes.
Life knows many hardships and it can be brutal, but life also goes on. So do what you really wanted, no side-roads anymore and keep yourself up!

What inspires you? What are your biggest influences?

I’m inspired by many things, mostly people in my life… people I look up to in many fields, movies and lots of nature.
My biggest influences comes from my favorite super hero comic books “The X-Men” a lot of my favorite artists has been doing some work on those books from “Jim lee” to “Joe Mad” to “Olivier Coipel” and many many more.

What is your way to start an artists day?

Water or tea, cleaning the desk area and putting pencil to paper.

What elements of art are you enjoying the most? And why?

I really enjoy everything about what I do.
I love figuring out the layout and composition of the piece i love inking and getting to add all the details and i love colors, i think pencils might be my favorite but i really do love it all.

How do you know when a work is finished?

Usually for me I feel like it is finished when the lines i add clutter the piece instead of adding to it, a pencil drawing could take me an hour or a few hours depending on the amount of detail and how much background I draw and how many figures are in the piece.


What are the 5 most important things for an aspiring artist?

  • Work ethic
  • Observation
  • Knowledge
  • Social media presence
  • Being a good person

What kind of pencils/Paper are you using? and why?

I use mechanical pencil and lead holders I feel a lot more control with them and love the fact that they stay the same length and I dont have to adjust my grip when the pencil gets smaller
I love using french curves and use them in most of my drawings.

For my pencil work I use paper from EON they are available online and have great quality and thickness to their paper . For my color work I use Arches hot pressed watercolor cotton paper it is my favorite paper and I feel like I get the best results on this paper.
I tried many different papers over the years these seems like the ones I enjoy working on the most.


Are there any artistical books you can suggest to learn how to draw?

“How to draw the Marvel way” is my favorite book growing up. I read that one over and over again.


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