Blog Launch 2020

My name is Stefan, I’m from germany and want to become a professional artist while I’m blogging for you with great content and tipps!

  • I like to help others solving their issues!
  • The actual websites/blogs out there doesn’t provide great value or doesn’t have up to date content, or even more worse, totally false informations.
  • I believe that there is alot of things that can be done for artists, to improve every aspect of their artistical life.
  • Many Influencers use their might and outrach totally wrong, or just for themself!

– learn how to draw in a structured way with me

– Objective reviews

– Offering a Software for Artists

– NO sponsered Content

– NO Paid Content

– Helping you grow or start your own business

– Giveaways

– Success gets shared with you, sharing is caring!


How can you help?

Help to make this blog more popular, share it!

The bigger and more successful the blog gets, the more you will benefit to!

Thank you so much! ❤️